Hofvijver in The Hague

The Hofvijfer is a pond in the centre of The Hague. It is adjoined in the east by the Korte Vijverberg (road), in the south by the Binnenhof and the Mauritshuis, in the west by the Buitenhof and in the north by the Lange Vijverberg (road). In the middle there is a small island with plants and trees which has no name, it is usually referred to as “the island in the Vijverberg”.

I love coming here and walk through the “Binnenhof” where the Dutch government used to reside. The prime minister resides in “het torentje” (the small tower). The buildings give a nice reflection in the water. The photos were shot with a Sony A77 and post processed in Lightroom and Photomatix HDR.

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