De Terp van Leidschenveen

De Terp is a location just 10 minutes drive from my home town, in Leidschenveen. It looks like a small church or chapel but in fact is a work of art erected in 2009.

De Terp is an amazing place. The green hill with the white building on top could just as easily have been in Scandinavia, or could have been used in a Tolkien movie. Amazing, and right here in Holland.

The building is not a church. There are no religious signs on it. It’s also much smaller than it seems from a distance.

The site was designed by architect Laurens Kolks, who did a remarkable job in my opinion.

Surrounding the chapel is an ordinary urban area. People come here for a short walk with their dog. Even though it is between my home town Zoetermeer and The Hague, I did not know before this place existed. So it was kind of a nice surprise to find it.

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