Night in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and it is practically around the corner for me. That’s why I decided to go there and take some pictures on the most famous locations.

For some reason I’m not a frequent visitor of our capital. It is usually very crowded and I find in general people are not that nice. Most of the time you are addressed in English instead of your own language. But I have to admit that the city is very beautiful.

So armed with a camera we made the trip to Amsterdam, using the excellent Park & Ride system. We drove to the Amsterdam Arena and took a metro there to the city center. An easy and cheap way to visit Amsterdam, which is hell otherwise if you drive there by car.

We first scouted the area and it was clear that we were not the only ones taking pictures of the city. On the prime spot at the canals there was a whole pack of photographers present. We even had to move to a different perspective, because there was no space. To make sure we would have a spot, we set up shop there an hour before sunset.

A lot of passing pedestrians asked me why there were so many photographers there. People thought that some celebrity was coming or something. I explained that we all wanted to photograph the same bridges there. A bit silly if you put it like that.

It was kind of a disaster to photograph there, because of the weather there were a lot of boats on the canals. I managed to take only a handfull of decent shots in over an hour. The rest of the photographers must have been equally frustrated. Most of them remained even after we left. Probably waiting for that one minute no boats were in sight.

On the way back we stopped at the Damrak, where there is also a very nice view over the water.

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