Urbex: Ferme Aux Drapeaux in Belgium

The urbex trip to Belgium brought me to Ferme Aux Drapeaux. The second location we visited after Maison Milka was really breathtaking. A big farm with as a bonus a blue camper van in the shed.

Ferme Aux Drapeaux is easily accessible via the back and is a big building with a courtyard. The house is has some great authentic details. Particularly the doors are memorable. The living room has flags on the walls which is why the locations is called “Ferme Aux Drapeaux” which translates as “Flag Farm”.

The camper van is a great bonus within this location. We actually almost missed it! It is a B1000 Barkas, built in communist East Germany during the cold war. One wonders why this fascinating vehicle is now left to rot in an abandoned farm in Belgium.

We encountered another couple doing urbex photography. This urbex location seems to be quite popular at the moment but that is no surprise at is well worth it.

In the stables we found a dead cat, it looked like it was mummified!

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