Urbex: ‘Het Winkeltje’ in Belgium

Het Winkeltjes (The little shop) is a well known urbex location in Belgium. Also one of the more interesting ones, as it contains a house above a small shop that still has some inventory left

The shop is adjacent to the road, but all the windows and doors are barred. We had to climb over a wall in plain sight, which wasn’t easy but we managed to do it. Only to discover that it was possible to simply walk around that wall. Entry is not so difficult. If you know where to go.

Once we were inside, we unfortunately had to conclude that this shop has been raided quite a bit now. But it is still clearly a shop and with the right angles I managed to take some nice shots.

Above the shop there is a house which is unfortuntaly trashed even more. We are glad that we visited Het Winkeltje now, because probably in a few months nothing really interesting will be left here.

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