Watertoren Zoetermeer

The water tower in Zoetermeer is a structure built in 1927. It is one of the few buildings from a time when Zoetermeer was only a small town.

The water tower in Zoetermeer was designed by architect C. Visser from Delft and was built 1927-1928. The tower has a height of 48,65 meters and one watercontainer of 500 m³. It is called “De Tien Gemeenten”.

I have been here before in 2015, but then it was a rainy day and I did not have a full frame camera yet. Now the sky was clear and I had the Sony A7R2 with a Zeiss 16-35mm lens at my disposal.

Yet it is not the easiest spot to take a good photo. The few good viewpoints I could find were blocked by bushes or otherwise not working out as I hoped. In the end I ended up with the same compositions as before. But because the weather was very different the photos do have a very different look.

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