Visit to Dublin City Center and Citywest

During a short business visit in Dublin, I explored city center. It is an amazing city with a lot of history.

The city is built along the Liffey river, with a lot of bridges to cross it. The weather is seldom very good, so the surroundings always seem to have a bit of a grim look to it, which you may like or not. Poverty has been common in Ireland for a long time. There has been a ‘Great Famine’ in 1840 which killed more than a million Irish and accelerated the diaspora of millions more. In the city there are plenty of places that remind of these times. But there’s also a lot of new or refurbished buildings from big tech companies like Google and Facebook. A city with a lot of faces.

The little time I had, I walked along the Liffey river. We also stayed in the Citywest area and visited the DCU Ryan Academy. This building is very peculiarly shaped like two hatched eggs. I couldn’t resist applying some HDR effects on this.

NOTE: The photo from DCU Ryan Academy was taken with permission of the academy

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