Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest

The Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest is one of those places that I just had to visit. A fairytale-like castle on a hill in the heart of the city, with breathtaking views.

The Fisherman’s Bastion (Halaszbastya, Budapest) was built from 1895 to 1902. It is one of the top tourist attractions of the city. It is no question why. The fortifications were built to spice up the cathedral that is also on the hill and it just looks gorgeous, right out of a Tolkien book.

Of course this was a prime target for us to photograph. But the crowds were a major difficulty here. Most photos taken from Fisherman’s Bastion are taken in winter, when it is much more quiet.

We had to be very patient. Late in the evening we got what we came for, at least on some locations. Of course by then it was already dark, so no blue hour shots unfortunately. But even so, the night shots are still equally stunning.

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