Mandelabrug Zoetermeer Photos

The “Nelson Mandelabrug” or Mandela Bridge is one of Zoetermeer’s most iconic landmarks. It spans the A12 motorway and features a railway station in the middle. There is a cycling path in the bridge.

I don’t consider the Mandelabridge to be an impressive bridge in any way, but it is hard to miss when you are driving on the A12 highway towards The Hague. The blue and yellow colors of the bridge are the colors of the municipality. I took my photos in black & white because I personally don’t like the colors very much, but I left one photo in (toned down) colors you can see how it is supposed to look.

The light and many leading lines inside of the bridge make it an interesting photography object. With all the signs, trash cans and people it is quite challenging, but as Zoetermeer is my home town, this location was was a must visit for me. Hope you enjoy my work.

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