A peaceful look over Sweet Lake

The Noord-AA lake near my home town Zoetermeer (Sweet Lake City) is one of my favorite spots. A very simple composition, but combined with a long exposure effect I managed to achieve a soothing image.

My regular spot near the pier was taken and there was too much wind to be able to shoot there. I decided to drive around the lake and see if there were any other worthwhile spots to be found. It was very crowded because it was a warm day, so I nearly gave up. Until I found this empty steel bench. It was interesting enough to become my foreground, while the background did not contain any buildings or people.

There was not much reflection in the water and the sunset was also not in the picture, but using the long exposure effect that the Sony camera provides, with the ‘reflections’-app, I was able to create an interesting photo nonetheless. I like the black & white version best.

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