The Spanish Towers on Sardinia

When I was in Sardinia earlier this year, I found that the beautiful coastline was even more interesting because of the so called ‘Spanish Towers’. I photographed one of these towers in the south.

The Spanish Towers are structures built along the coast in the days of the Aragon empire, to defend Sardinia against frequent raids and attacks from the Arabs. Whenever ships were spotted they could warn the population in advance. Many of these towers are still landmarks along the coast and have given their name to the nearby beaches or villages.

They can be found all around Sardinia and date centuries back, but they are not thousands of years old, such as the world famous ‘Muraghe’ inland, and therefore don’t get as much attention. But they should, because they have a unique positioning, overseeing bays on strategic places.

It required a lot of scouting until I found interesting compositions to picture this tower, because I wanted its majestic beauty to shine through on the photograph. I think I eventually did succeeded. Especially after sunset the tower really becomes one with the surrounding landscape.

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