Vlietlanden Long Exposures

I wanted to take some long exposure shots with reflection in the water. There are a couple of options near Zoetermeer. This time I chose the Vlietlanden, an area close to Voorschoten just a few minutes drive.

At first I wanted to go to the Noord-AA, but it was so crowded that I decided to go a bit further. The Vlietlanden area are partly under construction, so it was very quiet there. Although it was not easy to find an interesting spot.

Finally I managed to find a viewpoint that had enough interesting elements to use in a photo. I took a few long exposures here to make the water nice and flat. There is also a special app of the A7R camera that allows ‘smooth reflections’. This worked remarkably well. Although I learned that this feature is best used when it is not very dark. Otherwise it will take a lot of time.

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